HK v China- 0:0

I just read a blog post about an incident on the HK MTR which involved a HongKong man telling off some mainland tourist’s children for eating onboard the MTR trains. This soon degenerated into a shouting match summarized in the following manner:

HK v. China

It released the flood gates on the resentment Hong Kongers had been feeling towards Mainlanders who were flooding into an already overpopulated region. As if this wasn’t enough, the video went nuts in China and was even featured on a program in which a Peking University professor (in Mandarin apparently, not sociology or anything) was commenting that HK people were dogs.

Clearly, it’s not even a case of he said, she said. It’s more like We rule, you suck.

Now, I’ve watched the original clip (the one untainted by the newsreader’s voiceover) and it’s just a case of someone telling another off for not abiding by the rules on the train. That both parties were from two different regions just blew the thing way out of proportion.

Now, I’m not saying that the crazy lady yelling on the train for the HK side was right but I’ve known mainland Chinese people who just do not follow the rules. Maybe they haven’t learnt them yet so to that I  say, “Give them a second chance.” If they turn into repeat offenders, then they ought to know better. Mainland Chinese people have developed a sense of superiority (c.f. Peking Uni Prof. Kong in video) which just doesn’t work when they’re out of their country and they expect everyone to see things from their point of view. I find that exasperating but I can’t be bothered with them anymore.

To be fair, I’ve known more people who learn how to abide by the rules but it still always prompts an Us-Them situation, considering how there’s a diaspora of sorts as they swarm the world in search of a living.

So who’s at fault this time? Both because they both over-reacted and started calling each other names. I have to say though, that having a professor calling (what amounts to all ethnically Chinese but non PRC) people dogs doesn’t quite reflect the level of superiority of your people. To have to resort to name calling just reflects how ignorant one really is…


A language loving boy who's from a place that's both too small and too big at the same time. He likes reading, traveling and learning more about other cultures although he has been known to coop up at home for tv/movies

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